The Gayanilo Law Firm, PLLC is a full service law firm devoted to the criminal defense practice in the state and federal courts of New York and New Jersey whose single mission is fighting for and protecting the rights of individuals charged with crimes. Our firm is uniquely aware that a criminal conviction, even for the smallest crime, can have far reaching and life long consequences, and without expert criminal defense counsel, will often be the unnecessary result of an arrest. Choosing the right criminal defense attorney can make the difference. Our firm has successfully handled complex criminal cases in state and federal courts in New York and New Jersey. We defended thousands of adults and juveniles charged with every type of felony and misdemeanor crimes.

Our representation can and will make a difference in your life!!!



Our goal is to provide the highest level of legal representation to every client throughout the litigation process. We aggressively pursue your case from beginning to end.

We represent all of our clients with the same zeal and enthusiasm. We never want a client of our firm to think their case is not serious and is less important than our other cases. Your case will never be neglected or overlooked because it is deemed not as important as another one. We handle every case as though it is the single most important case in our practice. We understand and fully appreciate how important your case is to you and your family. We want you to know that we are on your side and understand your needs and concerns. We want you to feel secure and confident about placing your trust in us to represent you.